Star of the Month

Star of the Month

The Chuck Givens Star of the Month is our chance to recognize some of the great accomplishments of our riders, our stallions, and their bloodlines. There is a ton of talent in the area, in all disciplines, and we like to take a moment to give them the recognition they deserve for all the time and hard work they put into becoming champions! We want you to raise a foal that will become that once in a lifetime.

You can also connect with us through our Facebook Page. We accept submissions and love to hear about the top stars in the state of Kentucky and all around the country. Don't be shy- connect!

Great Strides and Fast Rides!

Chuck Givens Star of the Month for June 2018




Tucker Neukam of Indiana and Reflections of Ragtime winning this beautiful trophy saddle 2D Youth Pole Bending at the 2018 NPBA Championships Show. Sponsored by Cooper Contracting



 My goal is to be better than I was yesterday.  To improve myself.  To enrich my life.   I am running my own race.  I compete with no one but myself.   This is my journey.

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