Championship Stallions

It should come as no surprise that a Hall of Fame Breeding team headed by Chuck Givens is producing an impressive line of champions. From the horse itself to the Dam and Sire and their offspring you won't find a more impressive list of accomplishments. There is no get-rich-quick scheme when it comes to raising horses. However, thoughtful planning and a business strategy, plus a good deal of hard work, passion, and determination have gained success for "LA" bred horses in the pole bending and barrel racing arenas across the country.

“I look for a stallion that has a "WOW" factor. Then we can go down the list of must-haves...champion bloodlines,  "Mare Power"-working female family, conformation, solid bone structure and good minded. By breeding for these qualities, you make training much easier for the resulting foal." - Givens 

  In today's market, you have to the horse with “movie-star” looks, bloodlines of a champion and a winning attitude. You will find all those qualities in the stallions we promote.

Take a look at our stallion roster if you are considering breeding your mare in the upcoming year. Contact us today to receive your breeding contract.


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Meet Our Stallions

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Showem-the-Gold Stallions-Page photo by Chuck-Givens

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Champions are not merely created in the spotlight but in the thousands of hours of preparation and dedication.